The Residency
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Day in the Life of a Resident

Every day – and every decision – makes a difference.

At seven o’clock sharp, a CamdenPLUS Resident arrives at her office with a hot cup of coffee and a full calendar of tasks to accomplish for the day. After greeting students and checking her mailbox, she heads up to a classroom on the 2nd floor just as the first bell rings for the first of three scheduled observations this morning. Taking careful notes, she watches a history teacher guide his students through a lesson on the Constitutional Convention. Next she will be observing a teacher’s Algebra lesson, and an English class during third period. It’s another busy morning in the day of an instructional leader.

A school leader’s most important responsibility is creating a safe and successful learning environment, and that begins with cultivating great instruction. That’s why Residents will be responsible for developing and evaluating a team of approximately 7-12 teachers, helping both novice and veteran teachers improve their practice.

Residents will learn to have conversations that matter, delivering the kind of immediate feedback that can help make a difference in the classroom right away. Residents will encourage high-performers to share their best ideas and they will give all teachers the tools and resources they need to help their school achieve at its full potential.

Residents will have the opportunity to:

  • Manage a team of 7-12 teachers including their evaluation, feedback and development
  • Review lesson plans, unit plans and assessments developed by teachers
  • Participate in IEP meetings and goal-development for students with special needs
  • Participate in the interview process for incoming school staff
  • Engage in difficult conversations on topics such as staff management, parent conflicts or student discipline
  • Facilitate staff professional development, grade-level or department meetings, and 1:1 teacher goal-setting or data conversations
  • Develop relationships with the families and community of students in the school
  • Manage operations and the delegation or oversight of school-based compliance responsibilities such as emergency planning, budget tracking, or plant management