The Residency
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Experience is the best teacher.

Our training is centered on hands-on practice and personalized support from experienced coaches. You’ll hone essential leadership skills, starting in an intensive summer training, and then practice those skills in a year-long residency in a local school, where you’ll lead a team of teachers.

Summer Institute

The CamdenPLUS residency kicks off with an intensive, five-week summer institute designed to give you the foundational leadership skills and knowledge you need to hit the ground running once school starts. You’ll visit schools and communities, practice leadership techniques in role-plays, and review sample teacher feedback, student data, IEPs and assessments. You’ll also meet with experts on topics like special education, culturally relevant literacy and technology in education.

Note: Summer Institute is REQUIRED for all Residents, and will take place from June 29th - August 3rd in 2016.

Professional Development

The professional development you’ll receive during summer institute and in monthly full-day trainings during your first year of the PLUS residency focuses on four key areas of successful school leadership.

  1. Instructional Leadership & Management: Learn how to use student data, observations, feedback, instructional planning and professional development to help your team of teachers improve.
  2. Data-Driven Leadership: Learn to use data to pinpoint problems in student understanding and adjust instruction in real time.
  3. Orchestrating an Instructional Culture: Practice building systems that bring your vision to life and maintaining this vision over time.
  4. Leadership, Equity, and Diversity: Learn to build self-awareness and personal leadership to effectively lead your team and promote diversity and equity in schools.

Mentors and Coaching

Hone your skills under the guidance of an experienced mentor principal and your own leadership coach. As a full-time school leader, you’ll work alongside an accomplished mentor principal who will help you develop as a leader and guide you as you create a flourishing learning environment. You’ll also have your own personal leadership coach, who will help you apply what you learn in training, giving you real-time feedback and focused support where you need it.


We hold a high bar for certification. Residents who demonstrate an ability to help students meet rigorous academic goals will earn their principal certification at the end of their first year and go on to lead their own schools, with ongoing support during their second year.