The Residency
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About the Program

We’re training a team of dynamic principals to lead the schools Camden students deserve.

We prepare exceptional principals to lead thriving schools in Camden. A partnership between Camden City School District and TNTP, a national non-profit founded by teachers, this two-year path to certification trains the region’s top educators to lead schools to academic success by strategically managing teachers and building a strong school culture. Together, we are forging a community of locally trained school leaders committed to long-term change—and making sure Camden families have the schools they deserve.

What We Offer

As a Resident, you’ll learn how to establish a vision for excellence, build staff and community investment in that vision, and translate that vision into real results for students. Residents benefit from:

Hands-on training: Spend a year in a local school helping a team of teachers improve their practice, all under the guidance of a seasoned mentor principal.

Personalized coaching: Receive biweekly feedback and support from an experienced leadership coach.

A community of leaders: Access a diverse network of 15 fellow Residents who will challenge you to grow and support you along the way.

How it Works

The CamdenPLUS Residency is a two-year program: Successful Residents earn their principal certification at the end of their first year, and receive ongoing support through the end of their second. Here’s how it works:

1. Apply
Complete our rigorous, four-part application, including short answer responses, role plays and group interviews.

2. Attend Summer Institute
Learn and practice foundational leadership skills in an intensive, five-week summer institute with your peers.

3. Complete a Year-Long Residency in a Local School
Spend the 2016-17 school year managing a team of teachers in a Camden school, with support of a leadership coach, and attend monthly trainings.

4. Earn Certification
Successfully complete the residency—demonstrating success with your teachers and students—and pass required exams to earn your principal certification at the end of year one.

5. Receive Ongoing Support
Lead your own building as a school leader, receiving ongoing professional development and coaching throughout your first year.

Watch this video to learn more about the CamdenPLUS program: