The Residency
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Finding a Placement

Full-time leaders for the highest-priority schools.

The PLUS program is unique in that it prepares leaders to run K-12 schools throughout Camden City School District and within local charter networks as well. When Residents apply, they have the opportunity to indicate their preference and willingness to work in each of these kinds of schools. In instances where a particular district school or charter network recommends a candidate, accepted Residents will be matched to their recommended placement site.

PLUS program staff commit to working with the Residents to advocate for and secure principal positions upon program completion. Although the program does not guarantee post-residency placement nor does it mandate that Residents take on principal positions following program completion, staff will conduct outreach, coordinate interviews and prepare Residents to be well-positioned as candidates for open leadership positions in Camden. PLUS program graduates are strongly encouraged to remain for a minimum of 5 years in local leadership positions within the city of Camden.

PLUS program staff will provide consistent field-based coaching throughout the first year of Residents’ transition into school leadership. Graduates will be encouraged to sustain regular meetings with their ‘Critical Friends Group’ and invited to participate in quarterly professional development events led by PLUS program staff.

During the second year of school leadership – 2 years past program completion – graduates will continue to have access to program staff for problem-solving and support on an as-needed basis. Graduates will also have the opportunity to participate in informal mentoring sessions with incoming Residents to share their experiences and insights into what makes them successful leaders, helping build future cohorts of CamdenPLUS leaders.