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CamdenPLUS is a partnership between Camden City School District and TNTP.

Camden City School District

The best urban districts in the country have several attributes in common. They engage their stakeholders – administrators, educators, students, parents, civic and business leaders – to define, and then work to achieve, a vision of excellent education. They hire and support talented educators who believe all students can achieve and who have the skills to ensure that students are successful. They maintain an intense focus on high-quality instruction and supports for students needing extra help and then align every resource and system in the district with that focus. And they consistently assess progress, make changes as necessary, and then assess some more.

Camden City School District aspires to be a great district, where well-supported and talented educators strive daily to engage their students in meaningful lessons aligned to high standards. As a result, we're confident that Camden students will flourish, graduating from high school with the knowledge and skills to be lifelong learners prepared to fulfill their dreams.

TNTP is a national nonprofit committed to ending the injustice of educational inequality. Founded by teachers in 1997, TNTP works with schools, districts and states to provide excellent leaders and teachers to the students who need them most and advance policies and practices that ensure effective teaching in every classroom.

Teachers change lives – they deserve a profession that expects excellence. TNTP is constantly innovating to give more kids access to great teaching. We recruit and train effective new teachers, build better teacher evaluation systems, help school leaders nurture and reward excellent instruction, and advance smarter teacher-quality policies. Together with teachers, principals, education leaders and policymakers nationwide, we believe we can build a thriving teaching profession that gives everyone – teachers and students – more great days at school.