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CamdenPLUS is proud to partner with great schools throughout the city.

Camden City School District

The best urban districts in the country have several attributes in common. They engage their stakeholders – administrators, educators, students, parents, civic and business leaders – to define, and then work to achieve, a vision of excellent education. They hire and support talented educators who believe all students can achieve and who have the skills to ensure that students are successful. They maintain an intense focus on high-quality instruction and supports for students needing extra help and then align every resource and system in the district with that focus. And they consistently assess progress, make changes as necessary, and then assess some more.

Camden City School District aspires to be a great district, where well-supported and talented educators strive daily to engage their students in meaningful lessons aligned to high standards. As a result, we're confident that Camden students will flourish, graduating from high school with the knowledge and skills to be lifelong learners prepared to fulfill their dreams.

Mastery Charter Schools is a non-profit charter school network currently operating fifteen schools in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Camden, New Jersey serving nearly 10,500 students in grades K-12. Ten of our schools are turnarounds of low-performing School District of Philadelphia schools, and all schools have shown tremendous growth. Test scores in Mastery Schools improved by double digits in year one, and on average, more than 40 percentage points per grade and subject within four years of operation. Violence decreased by 80% or more and student turnover dropped by one-third.  Recognized as the national leader in school turnarounds, Mastery Charter Schools is featured on the U.S. Department of Education website as the best national example of the “restart” turnaround school model. Mastery schools are 90% African American, 85% low income (Free and Reduced Price Lunch) and 19% Special Education students.  At Mastery, all means all when we seek to close the achievement gap.