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How to Apply

Rigorous selection guarantees that our schools will have the leaders they need.

CamdenPLUS uses a rigorous competency-based selection model to identify qualified candidates and to get them into 
leadership roles as quickly as possible.

Our selection process is a research-based, holistic model which recognizes that the competencies of an effective school leader are hard to discern in a simple interview. Because of this, we utilize various techniques to help us gather significant data and evidence for each core leadership competency.

The selection process consists of the following three stages:

  1. Complete an online application: The application consists of questions about candidates' educational background, resume information, and location preferences. The application also includes an essay and a performance exercise. In total, the application should take about 90 minutes to complete. After submission, you’ll receive a response from our team in approximately two weeks.
    We are no longer accepting applications for the CamdenPLUS program. 

  2. Participate in a phone interview: Based on your initial application, you may be invited to participate in a 30-minute phone interview, which will help us further assess whether our programs are a good fit for you.

  3. Join a group interview: Candidates who successfully complete the phone interview will be invited to join a half-day group interview event with other candidates, which includes role plays, group activities, and in-person interviews.